What I am saying..

Been not in the mood for blogging many days, been here and been there, been laughing smiling and crying many places, and sometimes been cut by knives! Oh sounds like I am making my excuses. Mais, really it feels like my life has gone up and down lately. And still I am struggling.

Oh no, I am not saying I am back, but here is a thing I need to share with. Say it a gently reminder, goes out particularly for my self. Me, who frankly don’t have guts to yell loud, rather telling God secretly all my thoughts. God is my savior.

And, dear companions.. who stand by me through good and bad despite knowing nothing, I want to apologize and say thank you many many many. May God love you more in return. Salaam.


9 thoughts on “What I am saying..

  1. Hello dear, I was waiting your posting. It’s been so long you didn’t write any post. Well, I think my life has gone up and down too, you know it is what we both called life. It is like a roller coaster. And whatever you struggle for, you should keep on struggling. Go Chan, jia you ^__^

    • Terima kasih ya sudah sabar menunggu :p Life has taught us many lessons, iya kan Sya?
      Jadi, yes jia you!! *eh memang tulisannya benar begitu? saya baru tahu.

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