Gipongg in action.

A few weeks ago,  I received a package of Japanese garment (whether it is Yukata or Kimono, I don’t really understand) and a pair of sandal from my father’s friend. I really love it, since I’ve always wanted to have one. And it is really beautiful.

Don’t know how to wear it, since the size of the dress -I guess- is for taller people, so I tried to play a trick. Gipongg, my youngest sister, is the first to wear it. Isn’t it lovely?

JUST FIGURED OUT: The left side of the Yukata (or Kimono) is wrapped over the right side, and secured with an obi belt (I was using my personal obi collection on this). The wooden-made sandal I have is called zori.


2 thoughts on “Gipongg in action.

  1. Hmm setahu saya sih, yukata itu kimono yang biasa dipakai di musim panas, jadi tidak berlapis-lapis, lebih kasual juga. Jadi saya lebih cenderung percaya yang saya punya itu termasuk yukata. Saya tidak paham deh hahaha

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